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  • Searching eLibrary Minnesota resources
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  • Creating search strategies to find best content
  • Locating books through your public library and MNLINK

History Day Help

If you have History Day specific questions, please ask a History Day staff person at the Hullabaloo. When the Hullabaloo is closed, you can also get help finding resources to help you create your project in our Research Room.


  • Enter your question and any other optional information and then click the send/arrow button. During certain times of the day, librarians are busy! The average wait time is 1-2 minutes.
  • Most questions can be addressed through our chat service. However, we are unable to access your personal library account related to fines, renewals, and other patron account activity.
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  • Are you part of a class using AskMN for help with homework? Let your teacher know we want to help you but we can only take a 3-5 students at a time. See our For Schools page for more information.
  • The average session lasts 15-20 minutes. Some questions require us to search a bit (and email follow up is an option).
  • Expect what might seem like delays. Some questions require the librarian to search in several places to find exactly what you need.

Session Transcripts and Follow-Up Via Email

Transcripts and any follow-up that may be needed to help answer your question will come from Please add this email address to your email "safe list" as sometimes we can get caught in spam filters.

About AskMN

AskMN is part of a global, cooperative service staffed by experienced librarians from Minnesota as well as from other participating libraries across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Librarians helping students asking about History Day research have detailed information about Minnesota History Day and can help with most questions during chat or after a chat session has ended via email (see Follow-Up Via Email above).

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