Promoting AskMN

Minnesota libraries and organizations are welcome to use our AskMN logo for linking to the AskMN service from their websites and for other promotional, non-commercial purposes.

You may download the images by clicking on the links in the Download Files column and store them locally, or copy and paste the code from below which references the images stored on this website and provides a link to the AskMN service. Links should point to

Please note that if your library is contributing staff time to the AskMN service, you will be assigned a customized linking URL for your library. This URL will indicate to librarians staffing the service that patrons are entering from your library's website. Email ask at askmn dot org if further assistance is required.

You may also order bookmarks and brochures to help promote AskMN to your patrons.

Logo/Image Download File Copy & Paste Code
AskMN Logo - horizontal. Horizontal AskMN logo – 500 x 257 pixels.
<a href=""><img src="" alt="AskMN - The Librarian Is In" /></a>
AskMN Logo - vertical. Vertical AskMN logo – 352 x 500 pixels.
<a href=""><img src="" alt="AskMN - The Librarian Is In" /></a>