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We hope you find a helpful source for your students! However, when a classroom of students use AskMN at the same time it puts a burden on the service and can overwhelm the librarians staffing the service at that time. Use this form to tell us about assignments when many students may be using our service at the same time.

To better serve you, please advise us when you plan to have a group or class visit AskMN: The Librarian Is In. We will prepare staff for the amplified demand, and will make available resources on your students' subject matter so that all students collect similar information.

Class Visits

Please have students work together or have them stagger their logon times so that librarians have time to give the best service possible to each student or group. Students should prepare their questions in advance. Make sure they allow enough time! A typical chat session lasts about 15-20 minutes. This advanced preparation helps the librarian staffing the service to better help your students. It saves everyone time and leads to better responses.

Complete the form below and we will contact you to schedule your class visit. To better prepare librarians to help your students, give us a description of the assignment or topic the students are working on.

Note that this form is not for asking reference questions. If you have a reference question, please use AskMN.

Class Visit Form

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